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Show - Kiállítás
2019. Dog show results / 2019. Kutyakiállítás eredményei 

Internationale Night . Show Debrecen (afternoon)
Thank you so much for Judge Ferenc Gröschl !

Fundoklia-völgyi Kaszanics Chicago
 Ex1 HPJ 

CH. Fundoklia-völgyi Kaszanics White Angel
Ex1. CAC ,CACIB and BOB 🎖️💕💕 🏆
Co-owner:Evelin Stefánné Balogh
Handling:Babett Stefán

JCH. Fundoklia-völgyi Kaszanics Columbia
Ex1 CAC ,CACIB and BOS 🐾🎖️ 🏆

CH.Fundoklia-völgyi Kaszanics Chayeen
Ex.1 CAC  🐾🎖️🏆
Owner:Homonnai Andi És Sándor

Fundoklia-völgyi Kaszanics Mina 
Very promising 
Co-owners: Fruzsii Pálinkás and Mate Benke

NAT. Show Debrecen

Judge:Otakar Vondrous (CZ)

Fundoklia-völgyi Kaszanics Chicago 
Ex1 HPJ Junior BOB 
CH. Fundoklia-völgyi Kaszanics White Angel
Ex1. CAC and BOB 🎖️
JCH. Fundoklia-völgyi Kaszanics Columbia
Ex1 CAC and BOS 🎖️
Fundoklia-völgyi Kaszanics Mina
Ex. 1/2 Vp1. Best Puppy 
 IDS Sárvár 1-2 days

Many thanks honorable judges Vilmos Kardos(H) 😍 and Dorota Witkowska (PL)

Fundoklia-völgyi Kaszanics Columbia 
1.day Ex 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB !!!
2.day Ex.1 CAC,CACIB ,BOS !!

Jch. Fundoklia-völgyi Kaszanics Carmen
1.day Ex 1, CAC, R. CACIB !! 
2.day Ex.1/2 CAC 
Co-owner:Gabriella Huber
NAT.Show Nyíregyháza
Thank you for the honorable judge Zsolt Bíró

Fundoklia-völgyi Kaszanics Chayeen
Ex.1 CAC Finished Hungaria Champion and Hungaria Show Champion <3
Owner:Homonnai Andi És Sándor

Fundoklia-völgyi Kaszanics Mina (5,5 months old)
VP 1 Best Baby <3
Co-owners: Fruzsii Pálinkás and Mate Benke

Fundoklia-völgyi Kaszanics Chicago
VP 1
JCH.Fundoklia-völgyi Kaszanics Columbia
Best Of Breed 

CH.Fundoklia-völgyi Kaszanics White Angel
Best Opposit Sex 
Owner :Evelin Stefánné Balogh

CH.Fundoklia-völgyi Kaszanics Honay
Ex. 1 CAC♥
Owner:Homonnai Andi És Sándor
INT.Show Székesfehérvár 2.day

Thank you very much to the honorable judge : Gyula Sárközy !!

CH. Fundoklia-völgyi Kaszanics Indigo 
CH:Fundoklia-völgyi Kaszanics White Angel 
Co-owner: Evelin Stefánné Balogh
Handling: Babett Stefán
Herend 2x CAC 

afternoon show

Thank you for the honourable Judge: Mr. Dusan Rodic (SRB)

JCH,Fundoklia-völgyi Kaszanics Columbia 
Best Opposit Sex !!!

morning show

and thank you for the honourable judge's and he is competent knowledge :
Vladimir Shiyan (UK)

Best Of Breed : JCH.Fundoklia-völgyi Kaszanics Carmen 
Co-owner:Gabriella Huber and Miszori Gábor 
Best Opposit Sex: JCH.Fundoklia-völgyi Kaszanics Columbia 

INT. Dog Show Komárom , Monostori Erőd

Thanks for judges: 
Mr.Arne Foss (No)
Mr.Rafal First (PL)
Mr.Jean-Jacques Dupas (FR)


JCh.Fundoklia-vögyi Kaszanics Indigo 

3xCAC,R.Cacib Finished Hungaria Champion !!!

JCH.Fundoklia-völgyi Kaszanics Columbia 

Ex.1/2 HPJ and Crufts Qualification !!🏆

TKKE Club Show :
Judge:Mr.Stefan Sinko (SLO) and Mrs.Sinko Kupryjanova (SLO)

Ex.1 HPJ and Best Junior , Junior Club Winner -2019,
Best Of Breed and Reserv Junior Best in Show !!

Szombathely Dog Show
Judge:Vilmos Kardos 

Jch. Fundoklia-völgyi Kaszanics Columbia

2x Best Of Breed
Group 1.place 
Best in Show 1.place 
INT. Miskolc Marathon Dog Show 2.day
Judge: Željka Fon Zidar (SLO)

HJCH ROCH ROGCH SKJCH HCCH Fundoklia -völgyi Kaszanics White Angel
Ex1.CAC,CACIB and BOS and 
Finished Hungaria Champion !! 
Co-owner :Evelin Stefánné Balogh 
handler: Babett Stefán

HJCH ROMJCH SKJCH HJCCH Fundoklia-völgyi Kaszanics Indgo
Finished Hungaria Champion !!


INT. Miskolc Marathon Dog Show 1.day
Judge:Ervin Deutscher (A)

Fundoklia-völgyi Kaszanics Columbia
Ex1. HPJ, Junior Bob, and Best Opposit Sex 
         FINISHED Hungária Junior Champion!!🤩 🤩

Kapuvár CAC Dog Show
Judge : Zsolt Bíró

Jch.Fundoklia-völgyi Kaszanics Carmen 
CAC and Again BOB !!!
Co-owner: Gabriella Huber
 Pápa Dog Show
CAC 1: Judge :Tiina Taulos ( Finland )
CAC 2. - ESTERHÁZY MEMORIAL CAC Judge: Galyah Litova (Bulgaria)

JCH.Fundoklia-völgyi Kaszanics Carmen 
Co-owner: Gabriella Huber
🥇 ,2x CAC and 2x Best Of Breed !!! 🥇
The long weekend exhibition was finished..We are very proud of this little girl, she was successful 

2x NAT.Show Zalaegerszeg

1.day Judge: Gyula Sárközy !!
2.day Judge: Vilmos Kardos!!
Summing results: 
JCH.Fundoklia-völgyi Kaszanics Carmen 
2x Ex.1, 2xCAC and 2x Best of Breed and BOG 2.place !!
Co-owners and handling Gabriella Huber !!
INT.Dog Show Slovakia Lucenec 
Judge :Katalin Radvánszky 
I'm very happy  
super result on a very cold rainy day...

HJCH ,ROCH, ROGCH, HCCH, Fundoklia-völgyi Kaszanics White Angel 
Ex.1,CAC,CACIB and Best Of Breed !!!Finished Slovak Junior Champion !!  
Co-owner: Evelin Stefánné Balogh handling: Babett Stefán

HJCH, ROMJCH, HJCCH Fundoklia-völgyi Kaszanics Indigó 
Finished Slovak Junior Champion !! 
End is a long for a super Easter weekend <3 I 'm very proud ...

INT.Debrecen Dog Show 2.day
Thank you for the honorable judge, Mr Michael Papadatos (GR)

CH.Fundoklia-völgyi Kaszanics White Angel
EX.1 CAC,CACIB and Best Of Breed !!!! Both days he was shortlisted (4.th) in the 9th group in the BIS !

JCH.Fundoklia-völgyi Kaszanics Indigo
EX.1 CAC,CACIB and Best Opposit Sex !!!

Fundoklia-völgyi Kaszanics Columbia
Ex.1 Hpj and Best Junior !!!

Thank you so much Co-owner Evelin Stefánné Balogh and handler: Babett Stefán <3 fantastic work again !!!
Super news today in Romania !!


Thanks for Judges: Tamás Jakkel, Oliver Simon , Marian Drăgănescu

JCH.Fundoklia-völgyi Kaszanics White Angel
3x CAC,CACIB and BOS !

FINISHED Romanian Champion and Romanian Grand Champion title !

Thank you so much co-owner :Evelin Stefánné Balogh
and handler: Babett Stefán Special thanks: Anikó Diczku <3
I'm very happy and proud ... I got super news from my dog co-owners and handler Gabriella Huber  
In a very strong international field...

4 days 4x CACIB Winter Dog Show BUDAPEST 2019

JCH.Fundoklia-völgyi Kaszanics Carmen 
1.day Ex.. 1/2 CAC Judge: Zsolt Bíró 
2.day Ex.. 1/2 CAC Judge: Gerhard Pöllinger-Sorré (A)
3.day Ex.. 1/2 CAC Judge: Gyula Sárközy
4.day Ex.. 1/2 CAC Judge: Istvan Csikos (D)
Thank you very much for the criticism of all the judges !
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